Ariarina Designs

Digital Illustrations I Paintings I Handmade ceramic plates

Abstract Digital Art

Lines, geometric shapes, textures and anything pointy or curved- combined with lovely pastels or vivid colors

Folklore Art

Inspired by tales and myths from all around the world

Botanical Digital Art

Inspired by nature's jewels, flora and herbs with a folklore twist

Nursery Digital Wall Art

Personal Artworks

Gallery of various artworks inspired by thoughts and images of everyday life

Handmade Ceramic & Wooden creations

My love for planets was expressed through the creations of these lovely plates and wooden creations! They surely jazz up your interior and add a sparkle of cosmic essence to your home.

Being practical can be quite difficult sometimes, so these plates were designed to make your space clutter free from scattered jewelry and small objects. Quite handy it is! The wooden spoons and magnets can decorate your walls and fridge for sure!


Ariarina is an illustrator that realized her need to create at a young age. She finds inspiration in the abstract things in everyday life, folklore stories and visuals, pastel colors, clean lines, and the people that surround her. Her work is composed with shapes, figures and lines that reflect the simplicity and beauty of  human spirit, celestial objects, plants and nature and concepts of thought. Her work can be seen in a variety of different platforms. Mainly through traditional mediums like Oils, Acrylics, watercolor, as well as a few different mediums, such as pottery and ceramic art. Digital printable wall art is also an essential medium, always integral to the creative process.  She has a strong love for painting, birds, folklore, nordic and minimal decoration.